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I feel it is important for me to start this chapter by advising that, I felt a yearning to find out more about who I was, where I was from and most importantly, where my future lied. Essentially that is what my mother and father wanted for me, when they allowed me the opportunity to take a year off and make sure that I knew what I wanted by the time I returned to them.

KIBBUTZ TRAVEL - we went on volunteer trips to the Golan Heights, the Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea, Jerusalem and Mount Masada. I challenge anyone to travel to these places and without any understanding or baptism in the faith, to try honestly say that they are not moved by a presence....a thick mist of history and meaning. There was no way I could remain the same person I was when I left....the ADJusted Thinker had met in these place with the ADJustment Bureau headed by the Lord himself...

Pictures shown here are all that I can actually offer as words dont give them the honour they deserve and what they actually did to me.


After finishing my two months on the Galli in Eilat, Cesar, Dieter (both from Guatemala) and myself opted to take a 4 hour journey across the border into Jordan...with one destination in mind - PETRA.
The fabled city carved into the rocky terrain where Jesus was said to have preached and spent a few nights in the city. Also made famous by the very first( and quite magnificent ) 2500 year old carving of an ancient Roman building. This is where a good chunk of INDIANA JONES and the Temple of Doom, was filmed. 

I suppose the most amazing part of this building was the fact that as you walked through the fluted columns into the 'building' you do not see what looks like a magnificently decorated ancient room fit for a king with everything and everyone sparkling in is actually a four cornered hollow room with nothing to show off except is impressive echo !

While this was the highlight of the journey to Petra, the rest of the city was something to witness....many of the stone rooms were available to rent for a few nights, but the three of us decided to rather spend the night on a proper mattress and get ready for our next stays trip to a place called WADI RUM.
PICTURE LEFT (on mobile above) - Possibly my favourite of all photos taken in 10 months in the Middle East of a young Bedouin girl selling necklaces to tourists visiting Petra

BELOW IT (on mobile = last picture) - with Camel lying down is of the entrance to Rock Petra where Indiana Jones was filmed.
 OTHER pics are of Cesar, Dieter and me - the 3 AMIGOS !

While there is not a huge amount to say about Wadi Rum, other than the very first (and somewhat inconclusive...) picture of me riding the most overrated form of animal transport in history (middle pic below), it was a wonderful experience. I could only really describe the place as something you would have watched in the late 80's early 90's television series of AIRWOLF.

Although it was in around 42 degree Celcius, having an amazing cool sit down tea with a bedouin goat herders was one of two very memorable moments in Wadi Rum. The other was chatting to a fellow traveller. Because he looked very fragile and cracked - indicating a very tough life...I did what I usually do - started a conversation with him...very interested to hear his story.
Well, although only in his mid 30s, he told me that Jordan was his 126th country that he had visited in his quest to visit 200 countries before his time was up on planet Earth. I couldnt quite work out his accent but I think he was American. 

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