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  • Real name


  • Born before computers

  • Went to school in a little town called Gqberha (P.E.)

  • spent 10 months working in Israel MILKING COWS and working on the Red Sea

  • Spent 21 years hiding as a CLOSET CHRISTIAN (came out when I met my wife )

  • Took the extended visa route to complete BComm (Stellenbosch)

  • Married a SUPERMODEL in 2001

  • 3 TEENAGERS ...enough said

  • Am a serial 'UNSUBSCRIBER'

  • 2014 diagnosis ?  MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS

​       * Been Facebook clean since 2011...​

  • have visited 28 of 50 bucket list countries...

BORN : 8/12/1975

1993 - GREY HIGH SCHOOL (Port Elizabeth)
Stellenbosch Univercity 1995 -1998
Degree : BComm 
* Served two years on Student House committee - LIBERTAS 
* 1997/98 Stood as Head of House (Primarius) for LIBERTAS that managed around 800 private students 

JAN1999-MAY 2000
REASON FOR LEAVING : asked to join family business with my father.
INVESTMENT FRONTIERS was later taken over  by Old Mutual unit trusts

Joined my father as his first employee in June 2000 and together built the industry leading import and wholesale operation that supplied domestic tile  retailers in Southern Africa with mosaics and decorative tile material.
DIAGNOSIS : Multiple Sclerosis
upon the passing of my father in 2013, I had health issues that lead to the diagnosis in 2014 of M.S.
I then took 5 years to hand the reigns over to the family as my health (although very gradually) deteriorated

Started a ''work-from-home'' business to consult and supply the industry with products not yet seen in the industry. Once Covid-19 hit in March 2020, I found a love for blogging as well as teaching.... : upskilling our continent
mid 2020 was a time that I compiled and presented the 6 part basic introduction to sales targeting all South African school leavers. Having completed the filming, two experienced and influential shareholders joined educ8.AFRICA and we plan to launch a revolutionary training platform by the third quarter in 2021.


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