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In the months since filming the initial SALES CLASSMASTER series for educ8.AFRICA, I have spent a lot of time reflecting on all the KEY TAKE OUT points that were emphasised in each lesson. I have challenged myself to try simplify my own thoughts and opinions of what it actually takes to sell successfully.

Please understand that the measure of a successful interaction can be very objective so I need to point out immediately that my opinions conveyed below are personal and are based on my experience in the sales field.

While we at Educ8.AFRICA respect the mantra that LIFE IS ALL ABOUT PEOPLE, our slogan BUSINESS IS ALL ABOUT PEOPLE is a more focused adaptation of this and

really captures the underlying belief that Educ8.AFRICA have immersed themselves into.

For our first CLASSMASTER series, we placed more emphasis on the general salesperson, adapting the slogan even further to read :



So, while this article was actually written for the learners that take our SALES CLASSMASTER course online, I am going to include you all with a simple statement of mine that is difficult to refute :

While a lot of my articles till know have been on what recognised or accomplished authors and educators have researched and truly unpacked logically in a very detailed manner, this lesson is about what I would like you to grasp…

Essentially, below are THREE personal tips I have for you all - tips that I believe are critical for all of us to master in order to do more than merely survive - they will help us all THRIVE.

Salespeople are trained to acknowledge and understand and believe in their importance - they are then encouraged to work on their own system that will allow them to adapt and improve in order to take a step closer to being the ultimate salesperson…


We all need to understand that the process of learning NEVER ends and you need to be aware of the destruction caused by overconfidence. The illusion of thinking you know enough ( or worse yet, believing you know everything) can be as devastating as any addiction out there. )

If you do not understand the deep meaning of learning from (and adapting to...) the concept of ‘Moving with the Cheese’ (from a previous article I wrote..) you run the risk of falling into a temporarily superficial place known only as COMPLACENCY….a place that is built on a false vision of reality and it is fed by ones denial to see the truth.


I learnt very early on that without passion for whatever you do, life becomes a BURDEN rather than a JOY.

That said, I also need to make it clear that as a salesperson, the one mistake that I have personally made and had to learn a very tough lesson from, is that TOO MUCH PASSION can be perceived as ARROGANCE.

I am not going to unpack this story further, but I will let you know that while passion is a critical ingredient for success, always be mindful of the fact that everyone is wired differently and you need to be able to tone down your passion if you are able to work out that the recipient of your passion feels irritated, annoyed or even aggravated.


Again, this statement is primarily focused on as salesperson, but it can be adapted to any aspect of life. The sooner a salesperson is able to realise that a potential client stands in front of them actually looking for one thing and one thing only - they require a SOLUTION to a particular problem, want or need - the more successful they will be.

So, once you understand the actual problem, you will be able to SELL ( OR FIND ) A SOLUTION....)

Looking at this in more detail, we all know that most arguments / disagreements/ altercations / misunderstandings arise and get heated when one or both parties DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT THE ACTUAL PROBLEM they argue around a point, focusing on WINNING THE DEBATE rather than trying to find a solution....

Let me exaggerate this statement in order to understand it better.

Lets compare it to the human stress response to a situation of fight or flight...

By fighting, our only outcome that will satisfy us, is if we WIN.

A flight response to an argument can be seen as agreeing to an accusation regardless if we believe it - we simply want peace.


- to acknowledge there is a problem but to opt not to engage - rather wanting to unveil the SOLUTION for all to walk away satisfied. ( ADMITTEDLY NOT EASY, BUT I HOPE YOU GET THE POINT ?)

By selling or finding the solution, you are increasing the value of the most undervalued human asset - INTEGRITY

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