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Today we celebrate our twins birthday.

It is probably a great place for me to start with my peculiar and at times disturbing infatuation with numbers.

As we were blowing out candles and ripping apart wrapping paper, my mind was distracted by the following facts.

15 years ago – the twins were born

10 years ago – they were exactly one 7th of my age

5 years ago – they were exactly a quarter of my age

AND....TODAY - They are exactly one third of my age….

OH….and in 15 years’ time when they double their own age, they will be half my age 😊

Now, moving away for this family celebration for a brief moment, I am going to ask you if you can come into my brain for a few try work out how complicated and WEIRD at times it is.


THE BASICS - general numbers

4 – my first ‘lucky number’ as it was the number assigned to me in sub A (I was fourth the surname sequence) Also the number of the first house I lived in.

8 – OR the power of 8. My most powerful number as it is the number of RESURRECTION and REGENERATION - the main reason it is used in the 2 business I started during a period in my life I have termed by COVID CLEANSE

9 – my lucky number from junior school as I played scrumhalf

21 – this is my absolute lucky number for so many reasons….but it really became my ultimate numerical friend once I realized that the three previous numbers mentioned (4+8+9) added up equal 21 (incidentally, my name, when written on the old application forms which had a square for every letter of your name, NEEDS 21 BLOCKS TO COMPLETE !!!)

My favourite board game....BLACKJACK (otherwise known as 21)

20 & 22 - YIP….both are MY UNLUCKY NUMBERS – especially 22 – as they are on either side of 21. Please do not ever put the volume of a TV set or car radio on 22…..I turn into a werewolf. ( figuratively of course)

101 – a very sentimental number for me as it takes me back to a really awesome time had at university in Stellenbosch AND the name of my favourite LIVE album by DEPECHE MODE.

784 - the exact number of consecutive and uninterrupted daily injections I had before missing my first one upon diagnosis with MS in 2014.

531798 – the landline telephone number at the house I was born in. ( we left this house more than thirty years ago !)


31/3/01 – Our wedding date that I insisted on as it is easy to remember when simplified = 3131

8 /8/18 – date of very fist appointment that I had with a designer when I started ORIGIN8

12/02/2021 – the date we did a soft launch for while it will only officially be marketed in MAY this year.

WHY YOU ASK ? ….let me give you 3 reasons ( I wont even mention the 21 in the year…)

· IT IS A PALINDROME - can be read from left to right or from right to left


AN AMBIGRAM numbers can be turned upside down and you can still read the same date

·* To top it off, it would have been my fathers 79th birthday.

21/ 8 / 21 - I am so excited to advise that my BFF is getting married on on this date later in the year....thanks for choosing every number in the date so carefully....

16/3/2013 - the day my father died....nothing too significant about it I am afraid....but when you have a twisted brain like mine you can make it special. What I essentially did was take the famous TWIN TOWER attacks as an example. I always wondered WHY the Americans immortalized the date at 911 when it was the 11th of September or 119 as we would have referred to it as...that got me thinking about my very favourite verse in the bible JOHN 3:16

- once I AMERICANISED the date my father passed away, I could clearly see 3:16 and hence the reason the tattoo on my left calf looks the way it does...

THE WEIRD - cant explain....maybe just watch...

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