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Each of us have a very different story to tell of their relationship with the parents and siblings. I have nothing by gratitude for the love and respect provided by BOTH my parents in a challenging period in the life of this country.

My mother is a gem. Tough as nails on the outside, but soft like butter on the inside, she did an incredible job suppporting a driven and successful husband, while managing to keep the kids (at one stage at four different at the same time) happy and always feeling loved and respected. 

MOSAIC MAN - MY RDJ (1942 -2013)
The moment I began work with my dad at a company he originally called CAPE IMPEX, the world became so much more than merely an adventure for me. My father inspired me to reach for heights I never imagined were many ways he epitomized what I regard as the ultimate boss. RESPECTFUL, ENCOURAGING, EMPATHETIC but also able to push you past what you believed was the ceiling of your capabilities. I have mentioned it on many occasions before that he was me father, my hero, my greatest coach and my best friend - I could not ask for more than that.

This is where I must again mention my mother and her ability to nurture our relationship - while she saw herself as merely our financial Director, she possessed powers that are very difficult to put into words. It should actually be called 2 MOSAIC MEN and 1 MAGIC MOM.

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