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After 7 months away from home, my father was on his way to do business in Europe. But , instead of flying straight to Italy, he opted to rather break up the trip to include 4 day with me at a destination which was both travel friendly, close to Israel and NOT ones usual destination but equally impressive. 
Cyprus was, very thankfully, the destination of choice for a number of reasons. Thanks to my fathers old friend from P.E. (George Patsalos) was stayed with him in a beautiful village outside of Nicosia. 
In the future I will add the quite diabolical story of how I eventually got to see my father in Cyprus, but for now, please enjoy the sites of Cyprus from pictures taken - they include my diving excursion of a WWII sunken ship which had about 6 Tanks on boards - an eery sight to see lying on the ocean floor 50 years after the war ended. You will also see from the pictures, the insane Master Diver (our diving instructor)  who decided to where a brand of wetsuit that never survived in South Africa (for obvious reasons) He also did something COMPLETELY illegal by taking the group into the ship (not only 30m below the surface which was not allowed for those with only and OPEN WATER 1 qualification) which was a very dangerous option as there is so much that could go wrong.

Once my father had left Cyprus, I opted (because I was so close....) to do some GREEK Island hopping with the extra 6 days left before I had to get back to Eilat. WOW, WOW, WOW.

Having met a professional photographer on a very tight budget from Pretoria, Philip, on the first ferry to the island of Rhodes, we decided it would be cheaper and more of an adventure to continue hopping islands together...with him eventually going to mainland Greece and me having to return to Isreal by the end of the week.

While the island of Rhodes was enjoyable, the main attraction and undoubtedly my abslute favourite island in the Aegean Sea, SANTORINI....the other islands were special in there own way...from Ios (the party island which we slept on the beach for one night)  to Naxos (where we did a Chappy bike tour of the island)  and Lindos, we spent an extra day (making it 3 in total on the volcanic Island of Santorini. The extra day in Santorini which included sleeping on the roof of a house facing the dome shaped bay of the island made it impossible for me to get to Mykonos - but after Santorini, I really doubted that any other island would match up to it ! 

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