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BORN : 13 APRIL 2006

We live in an era in which the protection of a minors privacy  is essential, so I am only going to call my twins by the nicknames that I had for them early on in life. 

LOLO  became frustrated in Jackies womb at seven months and decided that it was time to stop waiting for an introduction to life and put her mother into labour 8 weeks early. 

This did work against her as she was resuscitated at birth (while a very comfortable Fishy clearly did not want to come out.) Her introduction into life was fortunately and unfortunately a sign of how the universe has challenged her constantly with curve balls any young child would hate to have to deal with. While the challenges that she has faced are numerous - from  physical to emotional and often repeated and completely random, the ability she has to brush all obstacles aside, while admitting her mistakes along the way, is truly inspirational.  She has the most contagious zest for life, an incredible empathy for every living soul on Gods Green earth. What she may lack in physical stature, she more than makes up for in her refusal to be trodden on by the harshness of life. Jackie and I know that she will become a memorable leader in everything she does and more importantly, she will graciously change lives and help others understand the true meaning of WHAT DOESNT KILL YOU, MAKES YOU STRONGER.

it is now time for me to introduce you to the FISH....or Fishy.
It is remarkable to witness two souls arrive into the world at the same time but be completely (and I really mean completely) different individuals.
Fish is taller than Lolo, has dark hair while Lolo is blonde and at an early age, Lolo excelled at Ballet while Fish mastered Hip-hop....the list of differences goes on and on. 

Fish does also have an incredible and unmatched confidence, and I am blown away by the subconscious ability to not let others and their thoughts or reactions (to decisions made) affect the clearly well thought out plan for the future. This remains an incredible gift that Jax and I watch daily with so much excitement. Fish also has an empathetic spirit and while the ways it is on display is different to that shown by Lolo, it is equally commendable and inspirational.

All three have faced challenges that have tested our parenthood
However, we know and believe that the hurdles they have already overcome at such a young age, were purposely placed their by our Lord order to build them up to make a positive impact in life. NOW, WATCH THIS SPACE....WORLD CHANGERS ARE ON THE MOVE.

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